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2016-17 Offseason Schedule

|Date(s)|Event| |:-:|:-| ~~11/15-11/17~~|~~BBWAA Award Threads~~ ~~11/21-11/23~~|~~Postseason Symposium~~ ~~11/28-12/3~~| ~~R/Baseball Winter Meetings~~ ~~12/4-12/8~~ | ~~MLB Winter Meetings~~ ~~12/12-12/16~~|~~AL East Spotlights~~ ~~12/19-12/23~~|~~AL West Spotlights~~ ~~12/26-12/30~~|~~AL Central Spotlights~~ ~~1/2-1/6~~|~~NL West Spotlights~~ 1/9-1/13| NL East Spotlights 1/16-1/20| Hall of Fame Voting Discussions 1/17|Curt Schilling AMA (12pm ET) 1/23-1/27|NL Central Spotlights 2/1-3/2|Why will X team win the WS? 2/13|Pitchers and Catcher Report 3/6-3/22|World Baseball Classic 3/27-3/31|Preseason Contests 4/2| OPENING DAY!!!

2016 Playoff Standings

|Dates|Results|Team| |--|:--:|--| ||World Series|| | Cubs|(4-3)| Indians| ||||

Wednesday's Games

 | | | | | | -|:-:|:-:|-|:-:|:-: ^★|8|F/10||| |7||||

^(★)Game Thread. All game times are Eastern.

2016 Standings

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National League

West|Central|East :-:|:-:|:-: 91-71|103-58|95-67 87-75|86-76|87-75 75-87|78-83|79-82 69-93|73-89|71-91 68-94|68-94|68-93

American League

West|Central|East :-:|:-:|:-: 95-67|94-67|93-69 86-76|86-75|89-73 84-78|81-81|89-73 74-88|78-84|84-78 69-93|59-103|68-94

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