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Battlebots - for fans of robot combat and competitive robotics.

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Submissions can be anything from the world of competitive robotics. This can include robot combat, bot building, current TV Shows and anything else of interest to the community.


This subreddit discusses public information such as trailers and teasers. There are also spoiler-free episode discussion posts to avoid such information.

When posting about teasers or trailers in /r/Battlebots ahead of TV screenings, please use descriptive titles whiles avoiding revealing information. Also please make use of the "Spoiler" flairs and markup as a consideration for other users.

Spoilers such as stating the results of matches ahead of time are prohibited anywhere on the subreddit.

Spoiler markup for comments


[warning label](#s "your text")

So ...

[Possible Spoiler](#s "in the teaser trailer...")

results in ...

possible spoiler


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