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Welcome to /r/Battlefront!

This sub is designed around discussing and sharing info and events surrounding all three of the battlefront titles.

Group gatherings etc are encouraged for players of all the games. Make sure to read our FAQ to find out how to play with others on the older titles.

Buying Battlefront?

Game | Store(s) ---|--- Star Wars Battlefront (DICE) | [Origin] [Amazon] Battlefront 2 | [Steam] [GOG] [Amazon] Battlefront 1 | [Amazon]


DICE Battlefront Official Website

DICE's Official Twitter


Q: How do I play BF1/BF2 without gamespy?

A: You'll need to install Gamemaster It's the patch most used by the community. You can also play the game online using Gameranger or Tungle.

Q: Where can I find mods for Battlefront games?

A: Filefront | Gametoast

Q: My BF game crashes on startup, can you help me?

A: First, try playing the game with something plugged in to the microphone. If that doesn't work check out the solutions list at the Steam forum for Battlefront.

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