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/r/Battlestations is the place to post and look at clear photographs of desktop battlestation setups.

Battlestations are complete desktop computer setups including a tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard, audio playback and recording devices (if applicable), and even wires/cables if desired. Laptop based systems belong in /r/BattleTops.

/r/BattleStations Rules:

  1. Complete desktop battlestations only - your submission must include a tower, monitor, keyboard & mouse at a minimum. No submissions of just components. No laptops. Extended Rule 1 Information

  2. Clear photos - submit bright, clear photos. Dark, fuzzy photos will be removed. No collages.

  3. Your battlestations only - you must own it or use it regularly. If it's not yours, don't submit it.

  4. Photographs only - no memes, videos, gifs, sound clips, general websites, ads, or articles.

  5. Be civil - no personal attacks, insulting someone's OS or platform or sharing personal information.

  6. No spam - affiliate links and all forms of advertisement are strictly forbidden. This includes repeatedly reposting your own battlestation.

  7. No pandering - no sob stories, pandering or self-deprecation. This includes titles like 'She's not much but she's mine' and 'My humble setup'. Extended Rule VII Information

Please use the report button to report rule violations. Please fill in the 'other' category with the rule that has been broken.

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