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Battlewagons, roll out!

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Welcome to /r/battlewagon!

Link posts should be wagons and have at least one of the following mods:

  • Gravel, Mud- or All-Terrain Tires

  • Skid/Bash Plates

  • Lift/Lift Kit

  • Bumpers/Brush Guards, Light Bars

  • Auxiliary Lighting

Additionally, "spotted" posts are always welcome, but please obscure any license plates unless the vehicle's owner has explicitly stated otherwise -- show off your /r/battlewagon decal or battlewagons spotted in the wild!

If your vehicle is stock, feel free to submit it as a self post! Suggestion threads and other question threads should still be self posts as well.

Please keep comments relatively on-topic and, more importantly, civil.

Moderators reserve the right to remove posts at their discretion.

Further discussion of the rules can be found here

Have questions? Message the mods.

Post your wagon build in the FAQ!

Part Swap Thread!

Tires Thread!

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