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batty: ghost bats to flying foxes

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/r/batty is a place for appreciation and discussion of bats. If you have a health concern stemming from an encounter with wildlife, please contact a qualified medical professional.

What to do if you've found a bat.

UK visitors can also check out this page and hotline for bat issues in the UK.

Australians can report wildlife in distress to WIRES.

How to build a bat house!

Also, check out /r/batfacts to subscribe to bat facts!

Watch vampire bats and fruit bats - live!

More information on bats is available!

Bat Conservation International

Organization for Bat Conservation

Bat Worlds

Bat World Sanctuary

Bat Conservation Trust

Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation

The Save Lucy Campaign

Buy cute bat stuff to support bat conservation:



Bat World Sanctuary

Here's a huge list of other animal related subreddits that you should check out!

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