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reddit: pixelated bead art

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This is a subreddit for "perlers"/"beadsprites".

You can submit your own creations, discuss technique, or lament how hard it is to find THAT ONE COLOR OMG. Seriously!

  • Do not claim other people's work as your own.
  • "WIP" (Work In Progress) pictures should be included in an album with the final piece rather than posted individually to avoid cluttering up the main page. Posts will be removed if this becomes an issue.
  • Consider giving us the name of the character/game/whatever in the title of your submissions, and placing a common household object near sprites in your photos for scale.

Helpful Links

[FAQ] Beadsprites 101

[FAQ] What colors should I buy?

[FAQ] Where to buy beads

Color Chart

Color Chart /w Ironed Beads

Official Perler color chart (PDF)

RGB/Hex Color Chart (by LThanda)

Beader's sprite resources

The Masking Tape Method (Video)

The Masking Tape Method

Bead Surge - An excellent, lightweight application with a vast array of functions, created by our own surger1!

Perler Java application

Hiking Dave's Page


Advertising products for sale is allowed, but only if you redirect to an external site (i.e. Etsy, your own website, whatever). Please do not negotiate sales here, and use discretion in your posts; if you're just spamming the board up with ads, we will have a problem.

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