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Become a man

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Welcome, Men

Join us and get motivated. From /r/theredpill comes a new subreddit dedicated to making the transition from the boy you were to the man you will become.

What will you become?

Our goal is to help you build stronger:

  • Confidence

  • Muscle

  • Conversational Repertoire

  • Relationships with Friends

  • Relationships with Women

  • Sense of Self

  • Sense of Humor

Ready to be a man? Join us, scroll down to day one!

Posting Rules

  • Please no top-level posts, this will be reserved for the moderators.

  • All posts should be pertinent to the subject of the monthly challenge. Questions should be posted in the most recent AskBaM thread. Posts not following this rule will be redirected/deleted.

  • Constructive criticism only, no insults/ad hominems.

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