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Welcome to /r/beerwithaview! A subreddit for sharing photographs of great views with a nice beer.

Subreddit Rules

  1. All photos should include a beer and a view. Please add the location in the title if possible. No videos, please.

    A view is considered to be a spectacular view of nature or cityscape. Also, generally accepted are live sporting events. It's ok if other people, pets, or food are part of the view but should not be the primary focal point.

  2. If an image is NSFW for any reason, please tag it appropriately.

  3. Links should link directly to an image (meaning a link ending in .jpeg or .png) or album. Please use a reputable image hosting service, like imgur.
  4. Don't mention that it's your cake day or attempt to solicit votes through the title.
  5. Do not add superimposed text of any kind (with the exception being a photographer's watermark).
  6. Non-beer posts should be posted at /r/drinkswithaview
  7. Please make sure to follow reddiquette.

Make sure to check out our sister subreddit /r/drinkswithaview!

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