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About Me

I'm Princess Berpl! I'm 26 years old and a I produce my own porn content with so much variety I've been thinking of changing my middle name. This reddit is a way to keep all of my redditor friends updated with all the pr0n

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Breaking any of these rules will result in a temporary OR permanent ban

  1. Don't be a jerk - keep disrespectful comments to yourself. Whether it be towards me or other commenters.
  2. Do not kink shame - this will not be tolerated in any capacity. Don't like a certain fetish? Keep it to yourself.
  3. No spam - don't advertise yourself or other models in the comments.
  4. No excessive dirty talk - no one wants to hear about what you are currently doing to your butthole or what you want to do to mine.

I'm currently on a hiatus from camming

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