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Best of TL;DR

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Here, we showcase the best of Reddit, in the form of TL;DR. Got a good quality TL;DR to share? Post it here. Got a bad quality one? Post it here anyways, we'll probably get a giggle out of it.

Posting Rules

  • Post TL;DRs only from Reddit.

  • Check to see if the TL;DR you're wanting to post hasn't already been posted before.

  • Start your post title with TL;DR.

  • When posting, make the title of your post the TL:DR you're linking to. If stuck, look at the black text on other submission names, as we add in the green text post-submission.

  • If the TL;DR doesn't fit, TL;DR the TL;DR.

  • If the sub reddit, post, or content of your link has NSFW content, please mark as NSFW.

  • Let the TL;DR you post be from the OP of the comment or post, and not another user TL;DRing it for them.

  • When you post, go to the thread you posted from and tell them you submitted the post to /r/bestofTLDR. Include a link to your post too, if you wish.

  • If you're reporting something, please leave a reason when doing so. Sometimes it isn't always apparent why the content has been reported.

Posts not following these rules may be removed.

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The post that started it all

Subreddit Of The Day: 25th June 2014

TL;DR Nice try, read the sidebar.

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