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Best of Craigslist

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The place to submit all the funny, crazy, and WTF things that you see on Craigslist.

Q: Why do you require a screenshot?

A: Many best of craigslist posts are deleted by the author when they immediately regret their decision. Others are removed by craigslist for not meeting their requirements or just due to expiration. We want to capture and share those moments of brilliance with the world.

Q: Doesn't Craigslist already have a "best of" section?

A: They do, and it's always worth a look. As noted above though, lots of great stuff gets removed. Also, the official Best Of section doesn't update too often.

Q: How do I take a screenshot of the whole webpage?

A: You can use a site like Webpage to PNG Online to assist with making a screenshot and then use Imgur to host the image.

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