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  1. Comments/posts offering or soliciting advice are not permitted. Please direct all advice needs to /r/legaladvice.

  2. Do not participate (vote/comment) in the threads that are linked here. (You will be banned - and we're not that stupid).

  3. Threads must be 6 hours old or locked before being posted here. This includes threads from r/legaladvice and from elsewhere on Reddit.

  4. Posts from subreddits and websites other than /r/legaladvice are allowed, but must contain some element of legal advice. If posting a link to somewhere other than /r/legaladvice, please tag the subreddit/website name in your title.

  5. Please keep all discussion civil. Repeat offenders can be banned at moderator discretion.

  6. You are no longer required to follow the "NP" link process, but this does not mean you can comment in the linked sub.

  7. Don't give your thread a name that references Pokemon. You're better than that.

For off-topic discussion (hypotheticals, past case law, etc.) please visit /r/legaladviceofftopic.

Before we had the subreddit, we had the BestOf Posts. Review the historical best:

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