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A community of beta testers for Anyone can become a beta tester!

How to beta test

Current beta features

Submitting feedback

Please read the known issues before submitting

Posts unrelated to current beta features will be removed. See related subreddits below for a more appropriate subreddit for your feedback.

Guidelines for submitting good feedback from /u/allthefoxes

Submit a beta bug

Submit feedback

Related subreddits

For feedback on non-beta features, try one of the following subreddits:

  • /r/ideasfortheadmins - ideas and general feedback
  • /r/help - general help on using reddit
  • /r/bugs - bugs that you find on reddit


  • /r/redditmobile - feedback and issues with the official Reddit app
  • /r/redditandroidbeta - Android beta for the official reddit app
  • /r/redditiOSbeta - iOS beta for the official reddit app
  • /r/mobileweb - feedback and issues with the mobile website
  • /r/alienblue - feedback and issues with the AlienBlue iOS app

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