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The Bible, let us read!

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This subreddit is intended to help Christians read a chapter of the Bible each day.

We pick a book, read one chapter a day, and write a little comment about what we find in that chapter. Each day is a new chapter. Read the chapter for the day, and then post whatever thought(s) you have. Participate!

Currently reading: Genesis

Up next: TBD

Books read:

Luke, Ezra (Sept, Oct 2015)
Acts (July 2016)
Ephesians (Aug 2-13)
Zechariah (Aug 14-28)
Ecclesiastes (Aug 29-Sept 14)
Titus (Sept 2016)
Deuteronomy 1-19 (Sept/Oct 2016)
Mark (Nov 2016),
Joshua (Dec/Jan 2017)
Jonah (Feb 2017)
Galatians (Feb 2017)
Romans (Mar, Apr, May 2017)
Proverbs (June - Aug 2017)
Philippians (Sept 2017)
Genesis (Oct/Nov 2017)


Genesis (online at ).

  • Genesis 29:1-14 (Dec 30)
  • Genesis 29:15-35 (Jan 1)
  • Genesis 30:1-13 (Jan 02)
  • Genesis 30:14-24 (Jan 03)
  • Genesis 30:25-36 (Jan 04)
  • Genesis 30:37-43 (Jan 05)
  • Genesis 31:1-21 (Jan06)
  • Sunday Open Discussion
  • Genesis 31:22-51 (Jan 08)

You can create the next post, one day in advance if you wish. Copy the line from the schedule here and use it as your title.


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