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B I G B O Y E - Large animals behaving like domestic pets

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A subreddit for large wild animals behaving like domestic pets.

After all, they're really good boys deep down! Let the conflicting feelings of cuteness and fear take over you.


Wild animals are not pets and require very specialized care when taken in by humans. We try to ensure that every post here comes from a legitimate sanctuary, wildlife preserve, or zoo. If you see a post from somewhere that doesn't practice proper care please message the mods and we will remove it given that you PROVIDE PROOF of insufficient care.

  1. No animals that are commonly domesticated.* No cats, dogs, or other common housepets.

  2. Animals must be LARGE! We don't call it B I G B O Y E here for nothing. We're looking for affectionate giants here! Wild animals that have a domestic counterpart (cats, reptiles, birds, etc.) must be substantially larger than that counterpart. All posts are subject to moderator discretion.

  3. Animals must be displaying cat/dog-like behavior. Before posting, please ask yourself "Would a dog/cat/other common domestic animal behave this way?" If the answer is no, your post doesn't belong in r/bigboye.

  4. Reposts: No reposts from the last 3 months and no reposts from the top 50 all time. Frequent reposts will also be removed at the discretion of the mods.

  5. NO content from the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. BJWT posts will be deleted without warning. Information about their inhumane practices can be found here.

  6. PLEASE BE KIND!! This is a sub for giant warm fuzzies. Please treat each other with respect!

*Horses are okay as long as they are playing like cats and dogs. Horses being pet or eating out of a human's hand don't really fit because this is typical horse interaction/behavior.

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