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All things Bigfoot.

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News, sightings, rumors, hoaxes...anything related to Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Modern Neandertals, and the like. Please keep all posts related to the subject.

The number one rule.

Please keep all discussion civil. Should it get out of hand, you will get a warning. Another incident will result in a ban. Believers and skeptics alike are welcome here, and friendly discussion is highly encouraged.

The Best Video Evidence

The Original Patterson-Gimlin Footage

Patterson-Gimlin Footage Stabilized

PGF: Enhanced by Loren Coleman

The Freeman Footage

Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape

Mike Greene's Thermal Footage

Sundance, Utah Footage

Skunk Ape in Mississippi

Grays Harbor Thermal Footage

Alberta Footage

The Brown Flir Footage

/u/the_5th_column's video list

The Best Audio Evidence

The Sierra Sounds

Screams At Clipper Mills, CA

The Ohio Howl

The Best Educational Websites

Idaho State University's Relict Hominoid Inquiry

Bill Munns & Jeff Meldrum's analysis of the PGF

Dermal Ridges from footprints

The North American Wood Ape Conservancy

Firsthand Encounters

Redditor's Bigfoot encounters

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

State by State Encounters

Classic Encounters

The Story Of Ape Canyon

Albert Ostman: Kidnapped By Bigfoot

The Chapman's House At Ruby Creek

The William Roe Encounter in Alberta

The Bauman/Teddy Roosevelt report

The Best Podcasts

/u/aazav's list of the best bigfoot podcasts

Joe Rogan & Jeff Meldrum

Miscellaneous Bigfootery

Some Realities of Capturing Bigfoot on Camera: Part 1

Some Realities of Capturing Bigfoot on Camera: Part 2

[Infrasound Experiments and Results] (

The Best Bigfoot Photographs

Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot (full documentary)

Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of.....Bigfoot

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

Brian Brown of the NAWAC's Presentation: In The Valley Of The Wood Ape

Monsterquest: Sasquatch Attack II

Mysterious Monsters: Classic Documentary from the 70's

Bob Gimlin talks about the PGF

Bill Munns' analysis of the PGF

NAWAC's Brian Brown's AMA

Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide. 2011 Documentary

Skeptic's Corner

Why do we need to look for Bigfoot?

Monsters, Gods, & Ghosts: Why do we need to believe in them?

Top 10 reasons why Bigfoot probably doesn't exist

Evaluating 50 years of Bigfoot Evidence

Why Bigfoot is unlikely, only if you know what unlikely means.

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