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Big Men Fashion Advice

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Whether you are muscular, chubby, or big and tall it can be hard to find clothing that fits. Big men fashion advice was created as a community to receive feedback and tips from other big guys on how to dress, what brands cater to our sizes, and outfit ideas. People of all shapes and sizes are welcome here, but please always be respectful in your feedback.

Flair: If you would like some flair, please message the modorators your height, weight and/or size and we can assign you a Flair.


Posting Guidelines: Please be respectful and give constructive criticism if you don't like a particular look that someone posts. Do not post links to outside websites (unless it's imgur or a similar sight showing photos of your outfit). Additionally, this is not a health advice subreddit, please do not post anything along the lines of "try losing weight" or something similar. Many larger guys are working on losing weight but would like to be fashionable while doing so. Lastly, this is not a place to promote your website/blog/store for profit. Posts like the ones stated above will be removed and may result in a ban.

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  • Monday: Recent purchases

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