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BiGoneWild: When you don't want to choose.

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Where bisexual redditors exchange pictures and videos of their nude bodies for karma; showing it off in a comfortable environment without pressure.


Approved Domains

We've been having some problems with spam posts recently. Posts that do not come from the following domains will be removed. If you're posting from a domain other than the following, please message the moderator to have it added to the list:



0) Don't be a jerk.

1) Report any comments or threads you find abusive or insulting. Mods will check the reported queue as often as humanly possible. Should you come across users being mean spirited, degrading or insulting comments, or people posting personal info (names, phone numbers, etc.).. report it immediately and do your part!

2) Be respectful. Don't insult the ones brave enough to submit photos / videos. If you don't want to see dick then don't open anything with the [male] tag... it'll likely be dick.

3) Don't make blatantly creepy or threatening comments. Don't be an asshole. No one likes it plus it's just not as fun as being part of the BiGW party.

4) The spam filter sometimes mistakenly nabs perfectly genuine non-spam posts. If you think a submission of yours or someone else has been "autobanned" then please contact the moderators.


1) It is recommended that you add a [male] or [female] tag in the title of your submission(s). Feel free to be creative and play with this tag. A [CD] tag or simply a [?] are also admissible, with the understanding that if someone clicks on a [?] they don't mind a surprise.

2) It is recommended that you give us more than just a picture of your genitals or your anus. Pictures of just your bits tend not to do as well. They're not as interesting, and the internet is littered with pics of peoples' junk. At least gives us some body with your bits.

3) Don't downvote a post. If it's not your cup of tea, just hide it and move on. There's no reason to discourage someone who you, personally, don't find attractive. Other people will find that person and that picture attractive, and there's no reason to try and stop them from seeing it. I've removed the downvote button as a reminder, but I'm fully aware that doesn't stop you.

4) Imgur is the preferred host of choice. is also pretty good. Beyond that, you're probably not going to get many views. The mods will probably remove anything with a redirect or anything that links to a host with ads.

If you host your image at imgur, be sure to create an account so that you have control over your... assets. If you need to remove a picture not attached to an account you control, please fill out imgur's image removal request form.

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