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Bike Commuting

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For those who broke free from the traffic gridlock and let their legs carry them.

Ask questions, share stories, give advice, and let others know how fun bicycle commuting can be!


  • Be kind. We're all trying to get somewhere, man.
  • Be informative, but don't hate people for correcting you. That's how you learn.
  • Please, don't use memes here, except as a reply within a thread.
  • Do not advocate violence—yes, we know, people suck, but hitting them with u-locks won't fix it.
  • We're supposed to be an open, welcoming sub, and treating others like crap goes completely against that.
  • Don't argue. There's a difference between disagreement and argument, however.
  • If you post a link to something, if at all possible, post the main take away from the link (for example, a particularly striking statistic). This will make it easier for everyone to follow the conversation, especially on mobile devices.
  • If linking to your blog you must have either contributed to the subreddit in a significant way (through comments and other submissions) or submit as a self post with commentary that will spark discussion.
  • No Kickstarter links. Links to an article or discussion about the Kickstarter is fine.




Equipment and Gear for Beginners:


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