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Bimbo Fetish

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Oi! This sub is nsfw!

Bimbo Fetish needs posters! That's you!

What is a bimbo? An attractive but empty-headed young woman, esp. one perceived as a willing sex object.

We welcome all forms of on-topic content here, including pics, video, discussion, self posts, etc. Roleplay related posts best belong in /r/bimbofication.

Note that there may be TS (transsexual) content posted from time to time; if this is the case for your post, please edit in the appropriate flair on your post, or if you don't know how to do that, mark it with [TS] in the beginning. This content is perfectly acceptable within the subreddit; plastic is plastic, bimbos are bimbos, but not everyone is into it so please mark it when appropriate.

Wikipedia, what's a bimbo?

Urban Dictionary

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