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The Biology Network

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Welcome to \/r/Biology!

> A place to discuss all things biology! We welcome people and content from all related fields. Feel free to share the latest news, discuss relevant content, show off your latest publication, or ask for help on anything from career choices, to how to get that one finicky assay to finally work.

/r/Biology FAQ
New to Reddit?

> no spamming (ie. posting tons to links to the same website). no memes or ragecomics (they can be posted in /r/labrats) no pictures with text overlayed no low effort jokes, comedy, puns, etc. Health or Medical questions should be submitted to /r/AskDocs. simple homework help should be posted to /r/homeworkhelp

User Flair

> We have self-serve user flair. Pick flair representing your favorite biological field of interest. You don't have to be an expert in it. If you don't have a favorite genre of biology, consider "general biology" or "bio enthusiast". If you want something off-list, you can change the flair text yourself.

Link Flair

> Please label your submissions with user flair after submitting them.


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