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The Bipolar Meeting Point

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No one here is your doctor. Do not take anything here as medical advice. Please do not ask for a diagnosis or attempt to diagnose yourself or others.

A safe haven for bipolar related issues. We are a community here not just a help page. Be a part of something that cares about who you are.* /r/bipolar Feel free to post, discuss or just lurk. There is no judgement in this place, we are here for each other.

When posting potentially triggering content please use the "Spoiler" tag system. Example: [This working?] _ (/spoiler) sans underscore appears as This working?.

  • Please do not attempt to diagnose yourself or OTHERS.

  • Do not share any personal information!!!.

    • social media accounts, including (but not limited to): facebook, twitter, instagram, etc etc. See Above.
    • This also means that posts looking for pen pals or offering to set people up as pen pals as well as links to chat rooms and chat groups are not allowed (THIS INCLUDES DISCORD LINKS). Posting these links will result in a ban.
  • Please be mindful of Reddiquette. at all times.

    • If you know someone on here by their name, please don't call them by their IRL name. See Above.
    • Don't bee a jerk! See Reddiquette
  • Please use the thread flair, especially in cases where the content may be triggering or upsetting to other users.

  • Posts suggesting alternative medicinal treatments for bipolar disorder will be removed unless links to peer-reviewed articles are provided. We want /r/bipolar to be a safe reliable place to get information and ethically we cannot advocate any treatment that is not backed by hard science.

  • Any post coming from someone claiming to be a professional in the field will be deleted. Professionals seeking to contribute will be considered by first going through the mods.

  • When discussing treatments and medications please remember the first rule - no one here is your doctor. Please do not tell people to come off or change meds and treatment plans without first speaking to their doctor!

  • We do not allow posts from individuals looking to carry out research (this includes students) or seeking participants for questionnaires about bipolar. If you have something that may fall into this category and are unsure if it is allowed or not please message the mods for clarification. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a ban.

  • Downvoting is highly discouraged! If you have the ability to downvote due to alternate browsers and mobile apps, please refrain from downvoting a post and instead, attempt a constructive comment.

  • Meds Master List This idea was borrowed from our friends at /r/bipolarreddit regarding most major meds. This is a beneficial discussion covering most major meds. -Currently archived, working on a wiki page

  • For more information about a particular drug please summon the Bipolar Drug bot! To call the bot simply name a drug, but prefix it with "!" and the bot will then comment in reply to your comment. This is not CaSe SeNsItIvE! Example: !Lamictal, !sErOqUeL, !lithium

If you see something that does not follow the sub rules OR the rules of Reddit before we do, please report it.

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  • Please do not spam your blog/YouTube channel/whatever here. It's fine to link to your blog in the comments of a post, but don't submit a post here with the sole intent of creating more traffic on your site. It's ok to occasionally post to your blog, but please don't make it a habit to only post your blog here.

Posts requesting help in the form of monetary donations will be removed.

This includes links to personal blogs.

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