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Pictures of Birds

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It is like bird watching, only on Reddit.

Submit some pictures of birds! :>


1.) Users must have at least 5 comment karma to submit here. (it's easy to do if you comment on a few submissions here every so often)

2.) Titles that such as Beautiful Bird will catch the spam filter. *Message the moderators if you submission doesn't pass because of the title/ avoid using vague titles.

3.) This sub is more interested in your OC (original content) than whatever you can find on Google. If you snap a photo, share it here! Please don't share others images unless you credit them in the title/ comments.

*If you can't see your submission under the 'new' tab, please message the mods and we'll get it out the spam filter for you! Sorry for any delays, we want to deliver you the best content by real users.

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