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All things related to birth control

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>#If you have questions about or want to discuss methods of birth control, this is the place for you! Please see our sidebar for some great resources.

>###Rules 1. Not Doctors: Please feel free to discuss medical concerns, but we are not a substitute for your doctor or pharmacy. 2. Welcoming: Please be welcoming and do not shame BC novices or birth control methods. 3. Tact: Be mindful that human sexuality and comfortability with pregnancy risks varies widely. 4. Respectful: Personal attacks, name-calling, trolling, etc. will not be tolerated and will be removed. 5. [Reddiquette] ( The Downvote Button is not a disagree button.
6. No Selling, Advertising, or Surveys: No selling medications, self promotion, surveys, or seeking participants for studies. Be sure to read Reddit's Self Promotion Guidelines.

>###Contraceptive Options [Guide] ( Typical Use Effective Rates:
• Male Sterlization: 99%
• Female Sterilization: 99%
• Arm Implant (if properly in place): 99%
• IUD (if properly in place): 99%

• Shot (also known as Depo): 94%
• The Ring: 91%
• The Patch: 91%
• The Pill: 91%
• Diaphragm: 88%
• Sponge (Never Given Birth): 88%
• Cervical Cap (Never Given Birth): 86%
• Male Condom: 82%
• Female Condom: 79%
• Withdrawal: 78%
• Fertility Awareness: 76% - 88%
• Sponge (Given Birth): 76%
• Spermicide: 72%
• Cervical cap (Given Birth): 71%
> *Recommended you check placement monthly.
> Effective Rates when using Two Methods

>###Looking for Experience Posts? - Consolidated Experience Post Links

>###Compare Pills / IUDs /Etc? - Chart to compare oral contraceptives - 2nd Chart to compare oral contraceptives - 3rd Chart to compare oral contraceptives - [Explanation of different types of progestin] ( - [Compare IUDs & Implants by /u/tergajakobs] (

>###Birth Control Failure? - How to Get EC Pills
- Copper IUD as EC
- Cheap Pregnancy Tests
- Abortion resources - Planned Parenthood - How to Find an Abortion Clinic
- If Abortion is Restricted in Your Country

>###Other Helpful Tips: - Bleeding Side effect? - How to Switch Methods?
- Period vs Withdrawal Bleeding on the Pill?
- Privacy on Your Parent's Health Insurance - Supportive Doctor list from /r/childfree
- In US and have problems with insurance? - Which medications mess with birth control? - Common IUD myths

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