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blackhat library: Documenting blackhat hacking techniques

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We seek to discuss vulnerability and exploitation theory and [evading] the countermeasures used to deter exploitation. This is also a place to discuss general blackhat rules, etiquette and culture. Keep in mind that hacking isn't limited to just computers, its part of our day to day lives.





  • Be excellent to each other.

  • Stay on topic.

  • Avoid self-incriminating posts.

  • Pick a good title.

  • Do not post non-technical articles.

  • Ideally, the content should be original, we don't care about your crappy ARP poisoner or Kaspersky's latest scam.

  • No pay / signup walls.

  • No "Please hack X" posts

  • Well thought out and researched questions / answers only.

  • If your project is not free / open source it does not belong.

  • Please limit your posts (we don't want to read your blog three times a week).

  • If you want to submit a video, no one wants to listen to your cyberpunk music while you copy/paste commands into kali terminals.

Our mods are ban-happy, you have been warned.

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