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Black Mirror

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Black Mirror is a British anthology series created by Charlie Brooker that features speculative fiction with dark and sometimes satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.

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Links to discussion threads

S1E1: The National Anthem / Rewatch

S1E2: Fifteen Million Merits / Rewatch

S1E3: The Entire History of You / Rewatch

S2E1: Be Right Back / Rewatch

S2E2: White Bear

S2E3: The Waldo Moment

Special: White Christmas

S3E1: Nosedive

S3E2: Playtest

S3E3: Shut Up and Dance

S3E4: San Junipero / Rewatch

S3E5: Men Against Fire

S3E6: Hated in the Nation


1. No Spoilers

No spoilers in titles and spoiler tag comments when talking about any episode that aired after the one the post is discussing. Spoiler tags can be implemented as:

[Spoiler Alert](/s "Spoiler text to be hidden")

Which appears as: Spoiler Alert

When posting screenshots and images that contain spoilers from recent episodes, mark the post as NSFW to hide the thumbnail.

It's probably best to stay off the sub till you are caught up though.

2. No piracy

Links to or requests for streams, torrents/etc. will be removed.

3. Be civil

4. No reposts

5. No self promotion

Other posts may be removed at moderators discretion

Helpful Links

Charlie Brooker AMA

Episode connections/easter eggs

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Poll: Favorite Episode

Poll: Favorite Characters

Season 1 & 2 Discussion Hub

Season 3 Discussion Hub

Episode Ideas

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