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Black Mirror

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Black Mirror is an anthology series created by Charlie Brooker featuring speculative fiction with dark and sometimes satirical themes which examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.

Links to discussion threads

S1-S3 Episode Discussions

S4 Rewatch General Discussion

S4 Original General Discussion

S4E1: USS Callister

S4E2: Arkangel

S4E3: Crocodile

S4E4: Hang the DJ

S4E5: Metalhead

S4E6: Black Museum


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  1. No Spoilers

    No spoilers in titles and spoiler tag comments when talking about episodes which aired after the one the post is discussing. Spoiler tags can be implemented as:

    [Spoiler Alert](/s "Spoiler text to be hidden")

    Which appears as: Spoiler Alert

    When posting screenshots and images that contain spoilers from recent episodes, mark the post as NSFW to hide the thumbnail.

    To be 100% safe it would be wise to stay off the sub until you are caught up or to only participate in the official episode discussion threads.

  2. No piracy

    Links to or requests for streams, torrents, etc. will be removed.

  3. Be civil

No overly foul language directed at one another or the cast/crew of the show. No targeted harassment of fellow users. Please do not downvote others for having a differing opinion than you.

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  1. No self promotion

If you feel that the content you have created is high quality and original, message the mods for prior permission.

  1. Post your favorite episode rankings only in this thread.

  2. Post episode connections/easter eggs in this thread.

  3. Keep minor episode discussions contained to the individual discussion threads.

    You can find the Season 4 discussion threads here. Please try asking your questions there first.

Low effort posts more suited for the episode discussions may be removed. Exceptions may be made.

Other posts/comments may be removed at moderators discretion

Helpful Links:

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Episode connections/easter eggs

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