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Black Power

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Reddit for the empowerment of Black people in America and throughout the African diaspora worldwide. Dedicated to the advancement of Black values and Black autonomy through Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work & Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith.

This subreddit is about self-empowerment and for relaying & discussing issues that pertain to the Black community. "Power" refers to self-empowerment and the 'power' to improve the minds and the reality under which many Black people in America and around the world live.


Posting guidelines: We do not all agree with everything that is posted; sometimes things are posted purely for the purpose of being thought-provoking whether we (mods and members) agree with it or not. However, please try to stay on topic. Posts about Entrepreneurship, education, historical awareness, political action, community building, and relevant issues of the day with regards to the state of our community are welcome. Abusive posts and comments will be removed.

FAQ (frequently asked by the white people who come here, confused and upset)

Q: How come you can have a Black power sub, but I can't have a white power sub?! Isn't that racist and unfair?! Isn't this sub racist? Isn't life literally like Hitler because /r/Blackpower exists?

A: 1 - No. Not everything is about you, white people. This sub is not about you, hating you, wanting to be like you, or being in any way interested in you. If this hurts your feels and shatters your world, please direct all tearful complaints to the friendly neighborhood mods, and you will be comforted and told that everything is going to be okay. 2 - White power subs exist. Feel free to look for them. This is not a mirror image of their concept. "Black Power" has a specific meaning and history independent of them. Fancy that, self-determination! See above link.

Q: How come you people can be proud to be Black but if I'm proud to be white, people will think I'm racist? That's not faaaaair.

A: Nobody cares if you're proud to be white, glad to be white, would prefer to be white over anything else. Cheers! Go forth and be happy.

Q: How come there's a BET, but--

A: Just don't.

Q: Isn't this Reverse Rac--

A: Please.

Q: Black History M-

A: No.


"We Must Win," Amir Sulaiman




























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