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Bleach Anime and Manga

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Welcome to /r/Bleach!

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| Date | Event | | :- | :- | | 12/27 | WE DO Knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU (apocryphal novel by Makoto Matsubara) release | | 7/20/2018 | Live-action movie |


  1. Keep all content Bleach related. If a title is required to make a connection between an image and Bleach, the post is not Bleach related (e.g. a picture of flower petals is not Bleach related, even if it makes you think of Byakuya). Text which happens to contain a word or name similar to a word or name in Bleach but is not clearly derived from its Bleach incarnation is not Bleach related (e.g. an image of a person's name with Kurosaki as their surname is not Bleach related, even if it makes you think of Ichigo).
  2. Fan-art must include credit to the original artist, if the link posted is not a direct link to the art posted by the original artist.
  3. No adult (hentai) content.
  4. No Kubo/Bleach bashing. This is a place for fans of the series.
  5. Don't beg for upvotes. This includes the clichéd "Upvote if ..." and "Does anyone else ...?"
    This also includes "called it!" posts.
  6. No posting links to manga panels or pages. This includes official colour spreads and title pages.
  7. No posting links to other posts/comments/subreddits. This includes link posts to other comments/posts on /r/bleach.
  8. Use direct links to images, and do not use URL shorteners.


Manga Arc List

| Arc Name | Chapters | # of | | :- | :- | :- | | Substitute Shinigami Arc | 001-070 | 70 | | Soul Society Arc | 071-187 | 117 | | Arrancar Arc | 188-423 | 236 | | Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc | 424-479 | 56 | | Thousand Year Blood War Arc | 480-686 | 206 |

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