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Bleach Shirts

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A place to post your home made shirts where you have applied your design using a stencil , as well as tips, techniques, and info. We started with a focus on bleach shirts but please feel free to include shirts that include bleach and/or other embelishments ink/dye/fabric paint or pasta sauce.

If you report something please explain why. something pissed you off is not a good reason to report it

If you post someone else's shirt it will be removed, The only content you should post is your own. TLDR: OC only

Spray on, my friends.


Basically, yes vinegar will stop the bleaching process but it also releases very toxic chlorine gas.

Instead use a bleach neutralizer! Like this

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Got a great tutorial about making designs including something other than bleach? Let a mod know and we will put it here.

Best tutorial to start with combines a lot of information Provided by leenybird
I would suggest printing this out for your first round and keep refering back to it as needed. Great job leenybird.

And Here we have an AWESOME video made by Psychvol

Another great Video Thanks u/torrentspy

How To make your own freezer paper replacement Infographic

How to make a multi-layer stencil

process from start to finish ^thanks Airith

How to Video

FAQ thread

Another great Tutorial

A wonderful collection of all things stencils

Cool trick to make it stick!

USE A BLEACH NEUTRALIZER TO PROTECT YOUR WORK like this one here A suggestion for posting information:

We love the work you have done and thanks for sharing. If you could provide some additional information in your comments or imgur gallery we would all greatly appreciate it.

  • What process did you use to make the stencil? did you draw it? Photoshop? carved from the flesh of your enemies?
  • What ratio of bleach to water did you use?
  • What t-shirt was used? what fabric? did you get a good deal on them? from where?
  • If you are comfortable maybe even provide a download of the image file?

None of this is required but we love more info.

Be sure to show off your relevant work in other subreddits, /r/mylittlepony /r/pokemon /r/gaming for example, let everyone know we exist.



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  1. Welcome to bleach shirts, don't forget to check the sidebar and read through the FAQs and tutorials

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