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Level 7 [Omega Protocol]

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|Rank|Game|Rating|+/- |--:|:-----------|---------------:|--: |1|Pandemic Legacy: Season 1|8.65|--- |2|Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization|8.59|~~★~~ |3|Food Chain Magnate|8.49|▼1 |4|Star Wars: Rebellion|8.39|--- |5|Mechs vs. Minions|8.33|▼2 |6|Twilight Struggle|8.33|▼1 |7|Concordia|8.25|▼1 |8|Terra Mystica|8.25|▲1 |9|Viticulture Essential Edition|8.21|▲1 |10|Terraforming Mars|8.21|▼2 | | | | | more... |

Posted at: Wed Apr 5 13:27:57 2017

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