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oof ouch owie

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A combination of /r/surrealmemes, /r/coaxedintoasnafu, /r/comedycemetery and a whole lot of confusion.

Search for the "Quality" flair to see mod-approved memes. Try to make your posts as good as these ones.

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1) No reposts at all, unless the repost is greater than 6 months old then you're good

2) No NSFW unless marked (a given)

3) Post bone hurting juice memes. Not anti-memes, not deep fried memes, not unironic memes, and certainly not uber random memes.

4) no watermarks

5) ooof ouchie my bones

Friends of the sub:

  • /r/ComedyCemetery
  • /r/DeepFriedMemes
  • /r/THE_PACK
  • /r/SurrealMemes
  • /r/Coaxedintoasnafu
  • /r/bonehurtingjuice
  • /r/ProCSS

Enemies of the sub:

  • /r/dankmemes: there not funny
  • /r/me_irl: for not being the good one, /r/meirl
  • /r/meirl: for not being the good one, /r/me_irl
  • /r/ShitRedditSays: heard it was cool to hate on them
  • bone hurting juice: ouch oof owie my bones

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