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The Reddit Book Club

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Welcome to R/Bookclub

This "club" is open to all and there's no enrollment. Dive in. We post about certain specific works. Most activity is for books selected (by vote) for the current month, but you can post about any previous selection any time. Don't post about other stuff til you read the FAQ; if you post about some random book we delete your post.

The selected book of the month will have a schedule but you don't have to observe the schedule.

Current selections

|August - Mid Sept. 2017| |---| |God Bless You Mr. Rosewater| |Train Dreams| |Schedules shortly|

| Long Read Summer 2017 | |--------------------| | Don Quixote | | Schedule | | [Posts]Coming Soon |

|Summer Short Reads| |----| |Schedule| |[Marginalia] (| |#1: Death in Venice| |[Posts] Coming Soon| |#2: Ficciones| |[Posts]Coming Soon|

Vision/Audience mostly geared to literary/classic fiction more...

Post Content: Posts don't have to be insightful or deep. They do have to be about specific books. more...


Here are the full rules about what's on-topic and overview of the types of posts with funny tags

In brief:

  • You can post about any of our current or previous selections at any time. You don't have to wait for the schedule.
  • Posts with suggestions/criticisms of the sub itself are welcome.
  • Ads for bookish subs are okay.
  • You can post pointers to conversations in other subs or websites about current or previous selections.
  • Mods will remove most other posts, with arbitrary exceptions.

Sub Info

  • Previous Selections
  • Meta - posts about bookclub initiatives
  • All recent comments, not organized by thread. They are out of context but allow you to quickly skim back thru all responses
  • FAQ
  • Wiki -- suggestions for how to use the sub, navigation for old posts, web sites with interesting stuff for readers
  • Traffic stats for this sub
  • This sidebar not all squished up on the side of the page.

Other Bookish reddits

  • Other reddit bookclubs If bookclub's not your bag of tea, there are a bunch of reddit alternatives
  • r/books weekly threads Recommendations, whatcha reading, much more
  • r/literature, r/literatures, and r/AskLiteraryStudies

Calendar | | |:---|---:| |Glossary Below|| |DQ thru II.8|Aug 15| |Rosewater|Aug 15 kickoff| |DQ thru II.17|Aug 19| |Train Dreams Ch 1-4|Aug 19| |DQ thru II.24|Aug 21| |Rosewater thru Ch 4|Aug 22| |DQ thru II.32|Aug 24| |Train Dreams Ch thru end|Aug 26| |DQ thru II.44|Aug 26| |Rosewater thru Ch 7|Aug 29| |DQ thru II.52|Aug 29| |DQ thru II.61|Sep 2| |Rosewater thru Ch 11|Sep 5| |DQ thru II.69|Sep 6| |DQ thru end|Sep 9| |Rosewater thru end|Sep 12| Glossary:

LBSOSLP: Poetry posts
PTS: Ponytail Shakespeare
Rev Rd: Revolutionary Road
DQ: Don Quixote
SSR: Summer Short Reads
Ficc: Ficciones
DiV: Death in Venice


|Title|Month|Posts|Marginalia| |---|---|---|----| Crime And Punishment|Feb-Apr|posts|marg| White Teeth|April|| Dead Souls|April|| Neuromancer|March|| Blindness|March|| Portrait of the Artist|Feb 17|| Never Let Me Go|Feb 17|| Madame Bovary|Jan 17|posts|marg White Noise|Dec 16|posts|marg The Trial|Nov 16|posts|---| Vegetarian|Oct 16|posts|---|


If you're afraid of posting spoilers, it might be best to start a new thread about your discussion. Otherwise, use this format:

[This is my big spoiler!](/spoiler)

It will show up like this:

This is my big spoiler!

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