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Swap, Trade, Give, or Beg for books! The Reddit Book Exchange.

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Here's how it works. Either:

  1. Post titles and author of books you want to pass on to another reader. Put "[SEND]" in the title of your post.

  2. Post requests for titles you wish to receive. Put "[WANT]" in the title of your post.

Please select location flair by clicking "edit" next to your username, above.

For Beginners:

Here are the STEPS:

(These are only guidelines and we feel they are best practiced)

  1. Find a post which interests you

  2. Notify the poster of your intent

  3. Negotiate shipping

  4. Send the book (don't forget to include a Union card) (click here)

  5. Be patient! If a week passes you may send off a POLITE inquiry as to the status of your incoming package, asking forgiveness for your uncontainable excitement. Upon receiving said package: notify the Mods via Mod Mail whether the outcome was satisfactory or inconceivable. Include your username, your shipper's username, and the number of books you received. And if your exchange was less than satisfactory or by chance downright deceptive, you may also include a screenshot of your PMs and pictures of the damaged or misrepresented books you received.


  1. Read the book.

  2. Finish the book.

  3. Write your username at the back of the book with the date in this format (DD/MM/YY).

  4. Post a [SEND] thread, and pay it forward.

Ground rules:

  • Shipping to be negotiated by the participating parties in the exchange. Use media mail! It's cheap.

  • Once your book has been sent to you, or asked for by some one else, please edit the description of your post to express this.

Approved and trusted senders are noted by having a little Reddit alien after their names. Let us know about successful trades via Mod Mail to get your flair.

A complete list of confirmed senders can be viewed here. - Google docs.

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If you have questions, ask us. | Featured Link: /r/Reppit.

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