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Go Read! (/r/books)
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Upcoming AMAs - Gillian Flynn (April 22) & Anthony Marra (April 23)!

Looking for a book, author, or series to read? Ask in our Weekly Recommendation Thread!

Welcome to /r/Books! This community is focused on discussing books, authors, genres, or everything else book related. For information about the subreddit, please check out our Wiki Index.

Upcoming AMAs:

|Date|Start Time|Person|Description| :---|-|:-:|:-- Apr 17|8PM EDT|JG Debs|Author of Back in Two Weeks Apr 22|11AM EDT|Gillian Flynn|Author of Gone Girl Apr 23|2PM EDT|Anthony Marra|Author of A Constellation of Vital Phenomena May 16|1PM EDT|Jim Butcher| Author of The Dresden Files May 22|3PM EDT|Brian Kevin|Author of Footloose American

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> Important: We don't allow personal recommendation posts. You can ask in our Weekly Recommendation Thread or /r/BookSuggestions.

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