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Book Suggestions

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Submission Guidelines

  • Please formulate your request in a clear and precise manner. If possible provide examples (e.g. similar books, movies etc.).

  • Please only request book suggestions. For book promotion please visit /r/wroteabook. For general discussions about books please visit /r/books or /r/literature.

  • No Meta posts.

Commenting Guidelines

  • Top level replies must be suggestions or question to clear up the request.

  • If you want to include a link in your suggestion we encourage you to link to the author's page or to an amazon alternative.

  • Don't link to illegal content. Any illegal content will be removed at the moderators' discretion.

  • Beware: Amazon links could be caught in the spam filter. If you believe your comment or submission has been removed because it included an Amazon link, please message the mods.

  • Beware: Link shorteners are automatically removed by the spam filter. Please provide full links. You can use Markdown to make your links look nicer.



  • Be polite. Try to contribute to the conversation. Don't attack the requests or any suggestions made.

  • Please use spoiler tags as to not reveal important plot points. This is how you use a spoiler tag:

    [Spoiler:](#s "something unexpected happens")



General Reddit Rules


Got any questions or requests? Feel free to message the moderators.

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