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Petite bodies, big booties

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REMINDER: No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors.

>Welcome to BootyPetite:
>A sub for petite women with a booty:

>pe·tite [pəˈtēt] adjective (of a woman) having a small and attractively dainty build.




>1. No minors, even if they are clothed. Petite does not mean minor. If you have any suspicions that someone looks a little bit too young, please send us a message immediately.

>2. Every image must incorporate a petite girl who has a nice butt. The same posting guidelines as Busty Petite: Submissions that don't show the majority of the model's frame will be removed!

> Examples of ideal Booty Petite content:

> Full Body I

> Full Body II

> Examples breaking the "majority of frame" rule:

> Not Full Body I

> Not Full Body II (borderline)

>3. This subreddit is for petite booty. Thick is out, so if you'd see it as an upvoted in /r/thick or /r/curvy post it there instead. Also there has to be sufficient booty, so keep you /r/skinnytail and /r/thinspo out of here:

> Booty - Petite

> Booty - No Petite

>4. A good rule of thumb is that, whatever butt she has, you'd be surprised she had it when you looked at her from the front. Hence, again, thick is out.

>5. Try not to post comments that add nothing to the discussion like "she needs to eat" or "she is too skinny" or "repost" etc. These types of comments can be annoying and will be removed at the moderator's discretion. If it is a recent repost or something else you want to bring to the attention of the moderators, just send us a message.

>6. This is not an anal/hardcore subreddit. There are subreddits for that. There are no rules against who posts or who is posted, whether it is a girl you know or a porn star, etc. If it is an original image, please use an [OC] tag.

>7. We prefer imgur as a host. If you must use another site, make sure it does not have an invasive ad, any popups, and that we can navigate away from it in one click. Posts that violate this will be removed and you will be told to re upload using imgur.

>If your post does not show up in the new queue, it may have been caught by the spam filter. Please message us to fix this. Please do message us at any time with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

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