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Boston, MA -- Please read the sidebar

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Welcome to r/Boston, a reddit focused on Boston, MA, the Greater Boston Area, and New England.

> # Other local interest subreddits > See our big list of Local town/city subreddits > Did we miss one?

Visiting Boston?

We get a lot of posts asking about visiting Boston... welcome! We ask that you do some research before posting in /r/Boston. There is also an Official Boston Visitor's Guide.

  • Have a look at the /r/boston wiki FAQ to see if your question is frequently asked/answered!
  • Looking for ideas? Check out the /r/boston wiki travel page and wikivoyage boston.

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># r/Boston rules We have a few basic rules that extend beyond reddiquette. > >1. Please flag your NSFW posts! >- Identify specifically where you are talking about in your post >- No memes, image macros or rage comics. Clarification: this includes adbusting, manipulated images, etc. If you're posting any images, please post a direct link to the image file. >- Please don't harass other users. If someone is harassing you in a thread, tell the mods . If someone is harassing you in private, tell the admins Egregious harassing of other users (especially racist, sexist, and homophobic) puts you on the path to banning. >- Please limit links/URLs to sites that require an account (i.e. Facebook) -- even if your content is public, much of it isn't. >- No links to crowdfunding websites. advertise! >- No coupons, referral programs, etc. >- No URL shorteners, including,, >- Urgent spam filter requests: Message the mods and include link >- Please submit the original article. Spamblog submissions are subject to removal and readers are encouraged to report them.

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Looking for a job? Available for work?

  • See /r/BostonJobs/

Housing Questions? Moving 9/1?

  • See /r/BostonHousing/

Sticking posts

We have the ability to make two self/text posts visible at the top of /r/Boston. Generally we'll use it to highlight another post that's important, funny, or just needs some more eyeballs. It won't rotate much, but you can click the 'hide' link to make it vanish if you like.

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