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Boston Celtics: 17-Time World Champions!

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April 2017 Schedule

|^2 ^W |^3|^4|^5 ^L |^6 ^L |^7|^8 ^W
|^9|^10 ^W |^11|^12 ^W |^13|^14|^15
|^16 ^L 0-1|^17|^18 ^L 0-2|^19|^20|^21 ^W 1-2|^22
|^23 ^W 2-2|^24|^25|^26 ^W 3-2|^27|^28 ^8:00 |^29

Current Roster

Name|G|MPG|Pts|Reb|Ast|PER| |:-|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:| Isaiah Thomas|76|33.8|28.9|2.7|5.9|26.6 Avery Bradley|55|33.4|16.3|6.1|2.2|14.5 Al Horford|68|32.3|14|6.8|5|17.8 Jae Crowder|72|32.4|13.9|5.8|2.2|15 Marcus Smart|79|30.4|10.6|3.9|4.6|12.1 Kelly Olynyk|75|20.5|9|4.8|2|15.3 Jaylen Brown|78|17.2|6.6|2.8|0.8|10.3 Amir Johnson|80|20.1|6.5|4.6|1.8|15 Gerald Green|47|11.4|5.6|1.8|0.7|12 Terry Rozier|74|17.1|5.5|3.1|1.8|10.9 Jonas Jerebko|78|15.8|3.8|3.5|0.9|9.3 Tyler Zeller|51|10.3|3.5|2.4|0.8|13 James Young|29|7.6|2.3|0.9|0.1|10.1 Jordan Mickey|25|5.6|1.5|1.4|0.3|9.9

Eastern Conference Standings

Boston Celtics|53|29|0.646|0
Cleveland Cavaliers|51|31|0.622|2
Toronto Raptors|51|31|0.622|2
Washington Wizards|49|33|0.598|4
Atlanta Hawks|43|39|0.524|10
Milwaukee Bucks|42|40|0.512|11
Indiana Pacers|42|40|0.512|11
Chicago Bulls|41|41|0.500|12
Miami Heat|41|41|0.500|12
Detroit Pistons|37|45|0.451|16
Charlotte Hornets|36|46|0.439|17
New York Knicks|31|51|0.378|22
Orlando Magic|29|53|0.354|24
Philadelphia 76ers|28|54|0.341|25
Brooklyn Draft Picks|20|62|0.244|33
Lottery Position: 1

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