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A branch of Biology that involves the scientific study of plant life. This subreddit functions as both a place to discuss past, present, and future botanical research, as well as a hub for all other botanical subreddits.

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Plant Identification Requests Belong In /r/whatsthisplant

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Assessing botanical capacity report

Online botanical resources

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Seed Swap

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Welcome! This is a place to swap seeds with fellow Redditors. Simple rules:

Post a new thread stating what you have to swap (or give away!)

Post a comment in a thread if you're interested in what the OP has, with a list of your offerings. OP should reply in thread and then PM commenters to seal the deal.

If your thread fails to appear, please message the moderators, as the spam queue tends to be over eager on occasion.





Post Tags

Experimental. Tag your post with one of the following, and it will be color coded. Note that tags have precedence in the order listed (i.e. "have" trumps "meta"). The tag should be in the first half dozen words of your title.

  • [have] - Offer of something specific, large list of desires
  • [want] - Request for a specific seed, large list of things to trade
  • [trade] - Specific request and offer
  • [sase] - You have surplus to give away if people send you a stamped envelope
  • [meta] - Not trade related

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