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Because bots are people, too!

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A sub to focus on the struggle and advancements of disadvantaged bots.

The Rules

> 1. Do NOT vote or comment in linked threads.

> 2. When linking to reddit, use np links. To do this, replace "www" with "np" when submitting your post. This is the "no participation" domain, and you can use RES to remove voting ability (Found on Settings -> Comments -> No Participation) to prevent accidently voting in a linked thread.

> 3. No personal attacks at other users.

> 4. Users expressing humanism and botgotry will be warned or banned at moderator discretion.


Other Important Activism Subreddits
















> /r/Oppression

> /r/learnpython

> /r/Python

> /r/redditdev

> /r/programming

> /r/DisciplesOfTotes

> /r/antibotsrightswatch

> /r/AwesomeBots




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