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\/r/Bouldering Rules:

  • Bouldering related material only; roped climbing submissions will be directed to /r/climbing. Don't ask about shoes... the /r/climbing shoe wiki is right here, if you still have questions then use the Weekly Bouldering Advice Thread (new thread every monday).

  • Don't ask about injuries. Read the /r/climbing injury wiki here

  • Please keep the reposts to a minimum.

  • The odd meme is okay, but if it gets out of hand we will remove them.

  • Trolling/slurs/being a jackass will get you banned.

  • Feel free to message the mods if you have any concerns about this subreddit.

  • Please hit the report button if you see content/comments which break rules.

Climbing Reddits

  • /r/climbing

  • /r/climbingporn

  • /r/climbingvids

  • /r/ClimbingCircleJerk

  • /r/climbharder

  • /r/ClimbingPhotography

  • /r/ClimbingPartners

  • /r/climbergirls

  • /r/climberchicks

  • /r/tradclimbing

  • /r/iceclimbing

Bouldering related subreddits

  • /r/squamish

  • /r/joshuatree

  • /r/yosemite

Other Stuff

  • /r/GripTraining <SQUEEZE YER SHIT

  • /r/Outdoors where we like to boulder the most

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