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>###Sup Welcome to /r/BrosLikeUs! Looking for photos, or video, of bros in a more sexual manner? Then you've come to the right place.


>###Rules 1. Your post must be hosted on one of the Approved Hosts. If you would like to see an addition to the Approved Hosts, please message the mods with your host and why it should be added. 2. Most posts will automatically have flair applied by AutoModerator, but Please add appropriate link flair to your post after you submit the link, if it isn't done automatically. They can be found here. This allows people to search by flair type. If it is an image of yourself, please flair as GONEWILD instead of IMAGE. 3. Photos and Videos of MEN only. No straight or bisexual content. 4. No linking to, or asking for, torrents in posts or comments. 5. Posting of fellow redditors are not allowed. The reason for this: a) They should be reaping their own karma. b) Some redditors are not comfortable having their images posted on a gay-themed subreddit. 6. All posts are marked NSFW by default. 7. Photos of yourself are welcome, but are more relevant to our brother subs /r/GaybrosGoneWild and /r/GayBrosGoneMild. 8. No caustic comments, no insults, no racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no derogatory or disrespectful comments. If you break any of the above, you may be permanently barred from our subreddit.


>###Search-By-Flair Still Images GIFs GoneWild Videos


>###Tumblrs of Interest Claspers MyTrueDarkLust -/u/nightmare-dragonfly Big Dick Swinging - /u/Sonofafuckleberry NH Gay Porn Addict - /u/Fordster Inner Iridescence -/u/michaellicious FineBoys FuckYeahGayBros! MenInJockstraps Ruggedly Handsome Various Kinds of Gay Lavish Eye Candy /u/wingfire The Male Taint - /u/TheMailTaint Kiss Land - /u/Lonely_Star Can I Has Gay Porn That Muscle Ass - /u/dalthorn High Quality Dick - /u/highqualitydick
Oh Like Wow g4yp0rn - /u/flaminhot_9
Jock Men Daily Splooge Lube Grunt Hole Meat Beatin' Treats - /u/GuyNYC allgaypornallthetime All Muscle Men * All Things M4M

>###Subreddits of Interest /r/GaybrosGoneWild /r/GaybrosGoneMild /r/MenGW /r/LadybonersGW /r/GayGifs /r/Chesthairporn /r/InsanelyHairyMen /r/LoveGayMale /r/GayStoriesGoneWild /r/ForearmPorn /r/LGBTrees /r/CelebrityPenis /r/FMN (Famous Males Naked) /r/Gaycouplesgonewild /r/TheMaleTaint
/r/selffuck /r/maleshinyporn /r/malespandex
* /r/RealDudesGW/ NEW!!

>####A Collection of New and Promoted Gay Subreddits Can be Found Here: /r/GaySubreddits

>###Final Note Want to add a tumblr or subreddit to the list? Send us a message with the link to your site and whether or not you would like the name of your reddit account after your link.

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