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Build a PC Sales

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  1. Titles are for brief and easily digestible info only No sensationalist headlines. No exclamations points, no commentary, no math
  2. Be courteous to others Mean or spiteful comments will be removed Bans will be issued for severe infractions
  3. Deals should be from reputable sellers only Do not post possible scam deals, no personal sales, minimum of 10 in stock. This applies to Ebay, Newegg Marketplace, Amazon and other sites that allow deals to be handled by 3rd parties.
  4. No referral links Affiliate codes are not allowed in link submissions or as individual comments. This includes ebates and ibotta
  5. No joke postings No cookies for .49¢, no obscure PC part for outrageous prices, etc
  6. Racist, sexist, homophobic content, and threats in posts or comments will be removed, no exceptions
  7. Direct messages to an individual mod will be ignored Need to message the mods? Please select message the moderators below.
  8. No Massdrop submissions. Too many people abuse the referral system on MD, shipping times take too long, their customer service is atrocious
  9. When your deal sells out, please remember to set the flair to Expired

Helpful Hints

  • Please go over the BAPCS Code of Conduct before posting
  • Need help with posting a link? Have questions that need to be answered? Check out our wiki!
  • Self posts should be submitted to /r/buildapcsalesmeta
  • If you don't know how to repost a link that has already been submitted there is a simple guide here
  • Sales links for outside the USA, please refer to the related communities below for the respective build a pc sales country sub

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