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Cable Porn; The Art of Tidy Data Centers

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A place for sharing links to good-looking cabling (primarily data centers) that could be considered art (or porn) to the network junkies of Reddit.

Submission Guidelines:


  2. SEE RULE #1

  3. Please don't post non-cableporn stuff, memes, or other low-effort content.

  4. Image posts only, text posts can be directed to /r/cableadvice.

  5. Small DIY projects are usually better suited for /r/cablemanagement or /r/homelab unless your cabling is truly exceptional.

  6. Images contained in this album of common re-posts, should not be posted, and will be removed.

  7. Reposts of any content posted within the last 6 months or in the top 100 posts on this sub will be removed.

  8. Conduit / tubing can count as cable porn, but only if it displays unique and impressive craftsmanship.

While you are welcome to post photos of setups you didn't create, if the photos are of your own work, it's worth including a quick write up of what's going on for those curious.

Smaller projects are okay as long as they're exceptionally clean and interesting, and you include some explanation. A good rule of thumb is it should have at least 20 cables.

Please note we do not accept NSFW material. This is a subreddit that people view and post to from work, therefore we'd like to keep any non-work-safe material out.

This subreddit is growing constantly, and we encourage active involvement. If you want to see something here that isn't, get in touch with iDemonix or the other mods.

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  • /r/homelab: If you want to show off something cool you built, but it's not quite sexy enough for this sub, try here.

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