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Cannabis News

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Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, and Hemp news from across the Universe.

Our Rules

  • Please keep submissions on topic and of high quality
  • This subreddit is strictly for news about cannabis. Anything that is not cannabis news will be removed
  • Just because the title has “cannabis” in it doesn’t make it news. If it’s not a link to a news site it probably doesn’t belong here
  • No Fake News, Propaganda, Snake oil or Pseudoscience. News must come from trustworthy sources. Clickbait and blogspam are not allowed
  • All forms of advertising and self-promotion are prohibited, including crowd sourced funding
  • No Surveys, Polls, or Petitions
  • No Product Reviews
  • Memes, Image Macros, Screenshots, Reaction gifs, and other low effort jokes are not acceptable forms of content
  • Please follow proper reddiquette

Please report posts that violate these rules

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