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One man's collection of porn

More about CantHold: People keep asking me what does the name of this subreddit mean? So I think I should put the answer here. At first this was just a sub I made with random name to post and store my self-created porn GIFs. Yes, fresh and not reposted GIFs. Then I guess people liked my content and started to subscribe. I know I was doing something good.

I am still the main poster in this sub, as you can see. Feel free to submit yours, but make sure it is something new.

If you want to take content from this subreddit, that is fine. Please just add (x-post /r/canthold) to the title so this subreddit gets credit along with it's content posters.


  • No spam, self promotion. No selling or sellers of anything, anywhere.
  • All submissions must be from an approved image host (imgur, gfycat, giphy, or reddituploads). You must link directly to the image. GIFS are preferred.
  • All submissions must be a gif that contains at least suggestive nudity.
  • No video submissions. You can link to legal, reputable hosts in the comments.
  • No minors.
  • There is zero tolerance for trolls or assholes. If you are either and act as such, expect to be banned.

If you see any post that breaks the rules, report it!

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