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Career Guidance

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/r/CareerGuidance is a place to ask questions and give advice about careers. Are you struggling to figure out what you want to do with your life? Here is the place to be.


>- You must format your title as a specific and career related question.

>- No Advertising. Repeated or egregious offenders may be banned for this offence.

>- Keep discussions civil, no name-calling or personal attacks! You will be banned for this.

>- No self posts that just contain links. Posts must contain content.

>- No begging. This includes any type of begging, from references, to monetary.

>- No sob stories. Please do not post about your depression or your dog's death. There are subreddits that are set up specifically to handle those types of posts!

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Recommended Viewing

>- Chris Hadfield: How to be who you want to be >- John Green: What to do with your life >- US Dept of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics >- Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook >- UK directory of job profiles >- Job roles in the Creative Industries >- Interviews with people working in the UK's Creative Industries

>If you have any content to suggest for the Recommended Viewing section, message the mods with a link.

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