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/r/cars - For Car Enthusiasts (/r/cars)

Looking for car buying advice? Try the sidebar as well as HERE!

Buying a used car? START HERE

Looking for a $5K car, give or take? Here's a handy chart thanks to 4chan. Now updated.

Learning to drive a stickshift/manual? Visit here for some advice.

Join the /r/cars IRC channel! Use webchat through your browser HERE! and specify the channel.


  • We love interesting and substantive content! Car reviews, tech articles, industry news, etc. are all great!
  • No memes
  • No blogspam
  • No direct image/imgur links. All image submissions must be given context in a self-post.
  • No karma-baiting/contextless/cryptic post titles

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Master list of car related subs thanks to ItsPrimetime

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