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Cast Iron Cookware

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/r/castiron Rules

Rule 1 - Civil Discourse /r/castiron values respectful discourse between redditors. Avoid overt hostility and intentionally antagonizing others. Do not make comments designed solely to alienate, disrespect or insult other users.

When commenting

  • Be Factual and Helpful
  • Be Thorough
  • Be Respectful

Comments that violate this rule will be removed at the moderator’s discretion.

Rule 2 - Topical Discourse /r/castiron is meant to be a friendly community for discussing cast iron cookware, and that includes recipes, cleaning, care, identification, and other subjects directly relating to cast iron cookware. Off-topic posts and comments, including political comments will be removed.

When posting or commenting, please avoid:

  • Off-topic chatter
  • Speculation
  • Links without Explanation
  • Posting personal information

Rule 3 - Minimal Effort/Post Completeness Posts must contain more than just a picture. If you post food, give us the recipe, or at least a story on what happened as a comment in the post. Posts that contain no commentary, or are substantially low value may be removed at moderator discretion.

Rule 4 - Advertising and Spam Do not use the subreddit to advertise your site or sell products. This includes:

  • Blogspam, linkbait and sites with excessive advertising.
  • Self-promotion of products
  • Dealer link drops (posting items for sale without approval)
  • Affiliate Links

Individual exceptions to rule 4 may be made if mod approval is acquired in advance.

The /r/Castiron FAQ - how to strip, season, and care for your castiron cookware.

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